Thermal Imaging or Infrared Thermography procedure is an extremely influential method of practically monitoring, sensing and recording the heat and temperature. It further assists in effectively troubleshooting any electrical, mechanical, electronics and structural systems. Infrared Thermal Imaging offers accurate data related to the problems that remain undetected using standard visual inspection and diagnostic techniques. It offers solutions to the problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye which are clearly visible using thermal imaging.

Thermography can detect problems in many electrical systems such as

• Switchgear

• Transformers

• Power transmission lines

• Distribution panels, circuit breakers and conductors

• Computer and low voltage systems

• Machine control Panels

• PLCs (Valves & Relays)

Advantages of Thermography

• Infrared Thermal imaging can help you detect problems like inductive heating, hot bus bar, overloaded circuit & many undesirable electrical situations

• It can be used to measure or observe in areas inaccessible or hazardous for other methods

• It is a non-destructive test & contact free method

• Thermography inspect electrical objects in dark areas

• An Infrared inspection can immediately detect an overheated wire in the mesh of wires and terminals, which is impossible to see with naked eyes.

• An infrared electrical inspection can minimize injury, liability, damage, catastrophic failures and downtime of the organization

• An effective preventative maintenance strategy must include an infrared scan.