It’s a pleasure to introduce our services in energy conservation field to you. ENERGYCONSERVATION is most important to all of us as we rely on it for everything we do every single day. ENERGY CONSERVATION projects aim at maximum output at minimum energy consumption. Inorder to achieve the same, we should first identify the type of losses and the reason for it. Due to some reasons, we will not be able to identify the loss of electrical energy at some occasions, especially in industrial sectors. We defined those kind of losses as INVISIBLE LOSSES. Compressed air LEAKAGE is one of them. Here we are going to explain you about how we are going to take up the LEAKAGE MANAGEMENT project. Below chart will show you the consumption of compressed air in a common compressed air network of a factory.

Compressed Air Consumption in a Pneumatic Network of a Factory

Hardly 48% of your present energy consumption can be saved with our effective LEAKAGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT. We appreciate your interest towards our project. Please take time to go through the following attachment to get an idea about our methods & services in COMPRESSED AIR LEAKAGE MANAGEMENT.

With the effective LEAKAGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT, we can save the compressed air consumption of the factory up to 48%. Our method consists of 3 Stages. First is to identify & measure the losses, second is to rectify the loss-making resources & optimization concept and third is to sustain the savings achieved.

General Problems in Leakage Management Project Carried Out by In-house Team

• Leakage Identification
• Selection of exact Replacement Material
• Workmanship
• Machine Stoppage


• Ultrasonic Air Leakage Detector
• Make: UE System
• Model: Ultra probe 3000

Typical Application of Ultra probe 3000

• Compressed Air Leak Detection
• Steam Trap Inspection
• Valve Leak Detection
• Pressure & Vacuum Leak Detection
• Heat Exchanger, Boiler, Condenser Leaks
• Tanks, Pipes, Leak Testing
• Wind Noise/Water Leaks
• Hatch Leak Integrity Bearing Testing
• Gear/Gear Box Inspection
• General Mechanical Inspection & Trouble Shooting
• Electrical Inspection

Sample Air Leakage Report

Tag No. Machine name Observations CFM Loss Loss in Rs./Day Category
1 Xetma No.1 Leakage at L connector inside panel 5.1 146 2
2 Texfab PRS Leakage at valve thread. 5.5 157 3
3 Stenter No.3 Leakage at PN valve thread. 5.1 146 2
4 Stenter No.3 Leakage at roller connector. 4.6 131 2
5 Stenter No.3 Leakage at union connector. 2.7 77 1
Total loss 23 657