Case Study 1 :- Replacement of 30 HP low efficient cooling tower pump with new customised energy efficient pump in Automobile industry , Pune

In one of the automobile industry in Pune, 3 nos. of cooling tower pump were running to meet the cooling requirement of injection moulding machines. In audit, it has been observed that, all three pumps running with very low system efficiency. A new pump energy efficient pump designed by PowerTech Energy Solutions is installed to match the system flow and head requirement. A saving of 60.8% is achieved in this project. Details of the same is shown below

Case Study 2 :- Implementation of energy saving program at Residential society in Mumbai

About Energy Saving Project

PowerTech Energy Solutions implemented the energy saving project in Aug.2016 at Ajmera Pristine CHSL. All conventional lights and low efficient pumps have been replaced with new energy efficient system to reduce the electricity bill of society. From Aug. 16 to Sept. 18, total energy and rupees saved is 82073 units and 10.2 Lakh respectively. It contributes reduction of 67 Tonnes of CO2 in 25 months. Below is the summary of project